Allegheny County Board Of Elections Holds Hearing To Consider Challenges To Provisional BallotsAllegheny County Board of Elections met to consider challenges to provisional ballots.
Allegheny Co. Board Of Elections To Hold Hearing Regarding Challenged Provisional BallotsThe Allegheny County Board of Elections will hold a hearing today at 12:00 noon surrounding challenged provisional ballots.
Allegheny Co. Board Of Elections To Hold Special Meeting As Ballots Continue To Be Reviewed, CountedThe Board of Elections in Allegheny County will be holding a special meeting Tuesday, all due to some submitted ballots.
Bipartisan Observers Watch Allegheny County Return Board Tackle Tens Of Thousands Uncounted BallotsThere are still tens of thousands of ballots in Allegheny County not yet counted.
Additional Election Sites Open Across Allegheny CountySaturday morning voters were able to either drop off their mail-in ballots or request a ballot at voting sites throughout Allegheny County.
Congressional Candidates Sean Parnell And Luke Negron File Lawsuit To Allow Poll Watchers At Allegheny Co. Satellite Election OfficesCongressional candidates Sean Parnell and Luke Negron have filed a lawsuit seeking to allow poll watchers at the additional satellite election offices in Allegheny County.
Allegheny County To Reissue Corrected Ballots To County Voters After Nearly 30,000 Received Wrong BallotsAfter nearly 29,000 Allegheny County voters received incorrect ballots, the elections division will be mailing new ballots starting next week.
Voting By Mail: Knowing The Difference Between An Application And A BallotHave you received several pieces of mail about ballots and voting by mail? Know what is what with this explanation.
Nearly 14,000 Ballots Turned In During Allegheny County's First Weekend Of Opening Satellite Voting LocationsAlmost 14-thousand voters came out over the weekend to cast their ballots at Alleghney County’s first ‘additional election offices’ locations around the county.
Additional Election Sites In Allegheny Co. Set To Open For First TimeAllegheny County is officially opening its additional election sites for the first time. It's an effort to cut down on crowds amid the Coronavirus pandemic and allow more options for voters.
Allegheny County Board Of Elections Approves Opening Additional OfficesThe Allegheny County Board of Elections approved opening additional offices leading up to the November election.