Allegheny County Council Sends Police Reform Bill To CommitteeA bill aimed at reforming the way police use less-lethal force was not voted on during the Allegheny County Council meeting on Tuesday night.
Allegheny County Councilwomen Prepare To Introduce Ordinance Against The Use Of Tear Gas In Allegheny CountySome local legislators plan to introduce legislation that would ban the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bang grenades in Allegheny County.
Controller Chelsa Wagner Claims County Employees Unnecessarily Being Called Into Work, Face Dismissal If Unable To Prove SicknessAllegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner says county employees are being threatened with losing their jobs if they don't come to work.
Allegheny County Council Takes Unexpected Vote To Ban Conversion Therapy Within The CountyAllegheny County Council voted to pass a measure that would ban conversion therapy for LGBTQ minors within the county.
Allegheny County Council Reconsidering Civilian Police Review Board ProposalThe Allegheny County Council is reviewing a proposal that would create a civilian police review board.
Councilwoman-Elect Bethany Hallam Predicts Shake-Up On County CouncilThe new at-large Democrat on County Council has vowed that the new council will not be a just a rubber-stamp for the County Executive.
Police Review Board Proposal Struck Down By Allegheny County CouncilA proposed police review board was struck down by the Allegheny County Council.
Public Debate Begins On Possibility Of Allegheny County Establishing Police Review BoardIt was an emotional, impassioned night as the County Council and citizens debated potentially establishing a county police review board.
Activists Lobby For County-Wide Civilian Police Review BoardThere was a packed house before the Allegheny County Council on Tuesday as a group of citizens was lobbying for an Allegheny County-wide civilian police review board.
County Council Approves Lead Testing Requirement For ChildrenAllegheny County Council has approved legislation requiring all children to be tested for lead.
County Council To Vote On Bill Mandating Lead Testing For ChildrenAllegheny County Council is expected to vote on a measure requiring all children in the county to be tested for lead poisoning.