County Police Apprehend Fugitive On Top 20 Wanted ListThe Allegheny County Police apprehended a fugitive on the U.S. Marshall's Pittsburgh Office Top 20 Wanted List.
Police: Robbery Suspect Charged With Bringing Contraband Into JailResident complaints of drug sales led plainclothes officers to find a familiar repeat-offender in Homewood.
Police: Staff Member Allegedly Brought Gun To School Because He Felt Threatened By Student A Pittsburgh Public Schools employee allegedly brought a loaded gun to school because he felt threatened by a student.
Medical Examiner: Allegheny Co. Jail Inmate Died Of Drug OverdoseOfficials have determined an Allegheny County Jail inmate died of a drug overdose in November.
Bishop Zubik Washes Inmates' Feet At Allegheny County Jail's Holy Thursday MassBishop David Zubik presided over a Holy Thursday mass for Allegheny County Jail inmates and performed a special ritual, washing the feet of 12 inmates.
Allegheny County Jail Inmate Dies At HospitalAn Allegheny County Jail inmate died at a Pittsburgh hospital Thursday after attempting suicide a few days earlier.
Hot Water Restored At Allegheny County JailHot water has been restored to the Allegheny County Jail.
Allegheny County Jail Warden Defends Shutdown Over Water IssueThe Allegheny County Jail warden was questioned Thursday about the jail's modified lockdown and hot water issue.
Allegheny County Jail Under Modified Lockdown Due To Water Tower RepairsThe Allegheny County Jail will be on modified lockdown for water tower repairs.
Allegheny County Jail Inmate Dies Of Natural CausesThe medical examiner said an Allegheny County Jail inmate who died on Monday of natural causes.
Allegheny County Jail Inmate Dies At HospitalAn Allegheny County Jail inmate was hospitalized and later died Saturday.