PTL Links: August 7, 2019Some of today's guests/topics include: Tall Ships Erie 2019, "Hello Dolly," and Rania's Recipes!
New Treatment Method Available For AneurysmsA revolutionary new treatment could change how people recover from aneurysms.
PTL Links: July 24, 2019Some of today's guests/topics include: Namasthay Goat Yoga of Pittsburgh, Rania's Catering, and The Wedding Cookie Table Community!
Allegheny Health Network, Pittsburgh Riverhounds Join Forces, Unveil New Sports Health ComplexThe Allegheny Health Network and Pittsburgh Riverhounds are teaming up to build a massive new sports health complex in western Pennsylvania.
PTL Links: July 10, 2019Some of today's guests/topics include: Pittsburgh Festival Opera, Eye on Health, and Pittsburgh Cultural Trust's Summer Gallery Crawl!
FDA Approves New Treatment That Prevents Cluster HeadachesCluster headaches can be just as bad as migraines and just as difficult to treat, until now.
PTL Links: June 26, 2019Some of today's guests/topics include: Camp Luminari, "Oklahoma," and Rania's Catering!
PTL Links: June 12, 2019Some of today's guests/topics include: Allegheny Health Network, Cakery Square & Fudge Farm and Kinetic Theatre & Showtime "The Loudest Voice" & David Whalen!
Pirates Host Free Baseball Skills Workshop With Allegheny Health NetworkThe Pittsburgh Pirates hosted a fundraiser to raise awareness and money for the Allegheny Health Network Cancer Institute.
PTL Links: May 29, 2019Some of today's guests/topics include: Feed the Kids Summer Telethon, Rania's Catering, and Heinz History Center!
'Like A Veil Lifted Up In Front Of Me': Patients Struggling With Depression Find Relief In Magnetic Stimulation TreatmentFor many people who struggle with depression, medication just doesn't work, but a treatment now offered in Pittsburgh is helping people improve.