Coronavirus Or Allergies? How To Tell The Difference Between The Virus And Seasonal AllergiesIs it allergies or coronavirus?
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'Brutal' Allergy Season Expected For Western Pa. This SpringThere's bad news for allergy sufferers in Western Pennsylvania. AccuWeather’s spring forecast says we'll see above average levels of pollen this year.
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Rain Creates Mold, Tougher-Than-Normal Allergy Season For Sufferers In PittsburghMany allergy sufferers say it’s as if the whole city is walking around with a cold.
Severe Spring Allergy Symptoms Expected Because Of Pittsburgh's Heavy RainsIf you are an allergy sufferer and find your symptoms unbearable, experts say compared to other areas of the country, allergens in Pittsburgh are more significant.
Woman's Runny Nose Was Actually Leaking Brain Fluid, Doctors SayA woman in Nebraska who thought she was suffering from a terrible case of allergies has been told by doctors that her runny nose was actually being caused by leaking brain fluid.
UTZ Recalling Tortilla Chips Over Milk Allergy ConcernsThe recall affects products that were reportedly distributed to retail stores in over 30 states and Washington, DC.
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