Pitt Football Coach Praises Doctors For Preventing TragediesFive of Pitt's football players will miss this season because of medical conditions, and the Pitt football coach is praising doctors for preventing tragedies.
Study: Secondhand Marijuana Smoke Worse Than CigarettesSecondhand marijuana smoke may damage your blood vessels even more than cigarette smoke.
PTL Links: May 12, 2016Some of today's guests/topics include: B. Smith "Before I Forget", Mariel Hemingway and EQT Children's Theater Festival! Click for more information about today's guests!
Man To Run Half Marathon 1 Year After Collapsing During EventA man has returned to compete, one year after he collapsed from cardiac arrest in the Dicks Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Marathon.
Celebrate National Walking Day With A Nice StrollThe American Heart Association is urging everyone to take a break and go for a walk today.
Babies Wrapped In Pink And Red For Valentines DayLove is in the air, and some special infants are showing their Valentine's Day spirit!
PTL Links: Feb. 12, 2016Some of today's guests/topics include: "The Amazing Race," American Heart Association & Light of Life Rescue Mission! Click for more information about today's guests!
Go Red For Women Today To Raise Heart Health AwarenessYou may see a lot of red around town today, that's because people will "Go Red For Women."
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Stroke Survivor Cycles 5,000 Miles To Raise AwarenessStroke survivor biking across the country raising money and awareness.
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World Stroke DayThe global community will celebrate World Stroke Day today to raise awareness for the world's second-leading cause of death.
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First-Ever Stroke Prevention Guidelines Issued For WomenWhen Anne-Marie Conlan was pregnant with her first child, she was rushed to the hospital at 37 weeks with pre-eclampsia.