Animal Friends Finalizing Adoption Process For Over 100 Dogs Rescued From Ross Township HomeThe Pittsburgh-area animal shelter that rescued more than 100 dogs from a home in Ross Township says they've received more than 700 adoption applications for them.
PAART Rescues Dozens Of Animals In The Path Of Hurricane DorianIt’s not just people in the path of Hurricane Dorian, pets and homeless animals are impacted just the same.
Ellwood City Fire Department Rescues Dog Caught On CableThe Ellwood City Fire Department rescued a dog caught on a cable in high water.
Animal Rescue Group Needs Bra Donations To Save TurtlesA North Carolina animal rescue group says it will take your ill-fitting bras, as well as your old and used ones, to save the lives of turtles.
Police Rescue 10 Ducklings From Storm DrainThe Pittsburgh Police rescued 10 baby ducks from the bottom of a storm drain and returned them safely to their mama.
Five Ducklings Rescued From Sewer After Falling Through GrateFive ducklings were rescued in front of the Waterworks Cinema after a four hour rescue that involved popcorn, sewer pipes and goose calls.
Ducklings Rescued From Storm Drain By Firefighters In Beaver FallsA brood of ducklings was rescued from a storm drain and reunited with their mother with help from firefighters in Beaver Falls this weekend.
Firefighters Rescue Deer From Backyard Swimming PoolA deer found itself in not only a tough spot, but a cold one, too, in South Park Township.
Happy Ending: Deaf Puppy That Fell Down 50-Foot Hole Rescued After 30 HoursAfter 30 hours of effort, volunteers were able to rescue a 7-week-old deaf puppy that fell down a 50-foot crevice behind a house in Alabama.
Firefighters Too Big, But Girl Just Right To Rescue KittenFirefighters were too big to rescue a tiny kitten from a central Pennsylvania storm drain but a 6-year-old girl's size proved to be just right.
Rescued Dogs From Virginia To Get Veterinary ChecksVolunteers from a local group jumped into action this weekend to save nearly three dozen dogs from a shelter in Virginia.