So Cute: Pittsburgh's Doodle Group Holds Photoshoot On North ShoreThe cutest photoshoot ever took place on the North Shore.
Child Asks For Donations To Butler County Humane Society In Place Of Birthday GiftInstead of birthday gifts, Calvin asked for donations to the humane society.
Over 100 Dogs, Animals Blessed At Mt. Lebanon Church ServiceOver 100 dogs and other animal friends were blessed Sunday at a local church.
Humane Officers Called To Scene Of Animal Hoarding CaseHumane officers were called out to an animal hoarding situation in New Kensington.
Bird Or Bunny? Social Media Confused Over Optical Illusion AnimalIt's a bird! It's a rabbit! No, it's definitely a bird. But hey, you be the judge.
Animal Friends President And CEO Terminated After 23 YearsAnimal Friends is searching for a new leader.
Judge Tells Restaurant Iguana Thrower He's Not Allowed To Brag About CrimeAn Ohio judge has told a man who threw an iguana at a restaurant manager that he's not allowed to brag about the crime.
Norwin School District Using Goats For Landscaping MaintenanceA herd of goats is roaming the Norwin School District.
Obese Tourists Crippling Donkeys On Greek Island, Activists ClaimActivists with "Help the Santorini Donkeys" told multiple news outlets in the United Kingdom that overweight tourists are crippling donkeys.
Alligators At The Beach? Scientists Say Get Used To Predators Invading Odd PlacesAlligators on a beach? Killer whales in a river? Mountain lions in the open plains? It may sound like a mismatch, but a new study is warning that humans should get used to seeing more large predators in unexpected places.
Baboons Escape Research Center With Barrel Used As A LadderIn a real life game of "Barrel of Monkeys," four baboons escaped a Texas research center after turning their toy barrel into a makeshift ladder.