April The Giraffe's Calf Tajiri Celebrates 1st BirthdayOne year ago, on April 15, 2017, people all around the world watched as April the Giraffe gave birth to her fourth calf.
April The Giraffe Now An ArtistThe world's most famous giraffe, April, is now an artist.
April The Giraffe May Be Pregnant AgainAre you ready for another giraffe cam? Word is that April the giraffe may be pregnant again.
Living Treasures Wild Animal Park Welcomes Baby GiraffeThe Living Treasures Wild Animal Park has welcomed a new baby giraffe.
April The Giraffe's Calf Has Been NamedApril the giraffe’s calf finally has a name.
April The Giraffe Cam To Return, Second Live Cam In The WorksGood news for fans of April the Giraffe! The Giraffe Cam will return.
WATCH: April The Giraffe Gives BirthMillions of people have been watching a live cam of April the Giraffe, waiting for her to give birth, and on Saturday, the time finally came!
All These Giraffes Were Born While We've Been Watching April The GiraffeAs we still wait on April the Giraffe to have her long awaited birth, here's what you missed on giraffe babies.
Singer 'Going Crazy Waiting Over Here' Writes Song For April The GiraffeLike the rest of us, singer-songwriter Rick Reilly is going crazy waiting for April the Giraffe to give birth.
Live Stream: April The Giraffe Has 'Bulges,' Baby 'Extremely Quiet'One month later...and April the Giraffe still has thousands watching and waiting on her new baby calf.
Dunlap: Hot And Cold ListPeople love lists. Oh man, do people love lists. That’s why I decided to throw together a nice, tidy little hot and cold list as this week winds to an end.