RiverRide 100 Raising Money For The Arthritis Foundation
Colin Dunlap: Clint Hurdle Fights Through The PainClint Hurdle says a prayer each morning.
Mayor Peduto Honors Young Arthritis AdvocateA local teen was honored Saturday by Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto for her continued efforts to find a cure for arthritis.
Neil Walker's Dad Named Adult Honoree For Pittsburgh Walk For ArthritisIt is the leading cause of disability in the county. Every 1-in-5 adults along with 300,000 children are affected by arthritis.
New Stem Cell Procedure Gives Hope To Pain Sufferers PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) Stem cells have been used to treat cancer patients, multiple scleroses, and other conditions. Now, a local practice, Rehabilitation and Pain Specialists, is now bringing to the Pittsburgh area a non-surgical adult stem cell procedure to treat pain in patients.
New Video Game Helps People With Physical Therapy Millions of kids got video games this Christmas, but kids aren’t the only ones playing.
Medical Frontiers: Rheumatology On this week's edition of Medical Frontiers, KDKA Radio’s Robert Mangino and Dr. Gerald Pifer welcomed Dr. Anisha Dua to discuss rheumatology.
Medical Frontiers: Upper Extremity Orthopedic Surgery Dr. Pifer was joined by AGH Orthopaedic Surgeon Brad Palmer to discuss Upper Extremity Orthopaedic Surgery.
Ultrasound Offering Arthritis Patients Some ReliefDoctors have found a new way to diagnose and treat arthritis, and the technology is saving doctors and patients both time and money.
New ’30 Year Knee’ Improves Patient RecoveryIt doesn’t take a whole lot of time to get a good handle on why Clarence Dietrich is so happy to share his story.
Medical Frontiers 11-21-11: Rheumatoid Arthritis