Astrobotic Selects SpaceX Rocket To Carry Its Griffin Lunar Lander To Moon In Search Of WaterPittsburgh-based Astrobotic has chosen SpaceX's Falcon Heavy Rocket to launch its lunar lander to the moon.
Pittsburgh Celebrates Moment In History As Perseverance Rover Lands On MarsAt the Carnegie Science Center, kids from across western Pennsylvania virtually watched a successful landing.
University Of Pittsburgh & Astrobotic Establish New PartnershipPitt and Pittsburgh-based space delivery service company Astrobotic have teamed up for new research.
WATCH: Exclusive Tour Inside Astrobotic And Pittsburgh's New Mission ControlA Pittsburgh company’s lunar lander plans to touch down on the moon in 2021.
NASA Awards Pittsburgh Space Delivery Company Nearly $200M Contract To Help Search For Water On The MoonNASA has awarded a nearly $200 million contract to a local Pittsburgh company that hopes soon to be making deliveries to the moon.
To Land On Moon By 2024, NASA Awards $79.5 Million To Pittsburgh-Based AstroboticNASA has selected a local aerospace company to help its astronauts land on the moon by 2024.
Pittsburgh's Astrobotic Technology Among Companies Eligible To Bid On Moon Mission ContractsNASA announced Thursday that nine US companies, including a Pittsburgh company, are eligible to bid on $2.6 billion worth of contracts over the next 10 years to deliver services to the moon.
Pittsburgh Company To Play Major Role In NASA's Return To MoonPittsburgh will be leading America when the United States returns to the moon for the first time in 50 years.
Pittsburgh Firm Exits Google's $20M Moon Landing CompetitionA western Pennsylvania company has exited Google's $20 million moon landing competition.
Sky's The Limit For CMU Robotics With the words “touch down confirmed,” Mission Control in Houston erupts in a frenzy of elation and relief, as Land Rover "Curiosity" settles safely on the surface of Mars. NASA's latest venture into space has a picture perfect landing. Photos from Mars are quick to follow.