Second Egg Laid At Hays Bald Eagles' NestThe bald eagle pair nesting in Pittsburgh's Hays neighborhood now have a second egg.
First Egg Of 2021 Laid In Hays Bald Eagle NestAn egg has been laid in the Hays bald eagle nest.
First Eaglet Flies From Hays NestThe first eaglet from Hays Nest flew away from the nest for the first time.
Checking In With Susan Koeppen: Interest In Birdwatching Soars During Coronavirus QuarantineIf you’ve noticed more birds now that you have been at home for a couple of months, you are not alone.
Taking Flight: Pittsburgh's Bald Eagle Chick Flies For The First TimeIt's a bird... It's a plane... No! It's one of Pittsburgh's bald eagles soaring high!
Watch The Hays Bald Eagle CamYou can watch the Hays bald eagles' nest cam by clicking here!
Audubon Society 'Monitoring' Plastic Bag In Hays Bald Eagles' NestThe Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania says they are "monitoring the situation" after one of the bald eagles in Hays brought a plastic bag into the nest.
Pitt Agrees To Cycle Cathedral Of Learning Victory Lights To Keep Birds SafeThe University of Pittsburgh has agreed to make some changes to its blue victory lights at the Cathedral of Learning to keep birds safe.
2nd Egg Spotted In Harmar Bald Eagle NestThe bald eagles in Harmar Twp. are now caring for a second egg!
Egg Spotted In Harmar Twp. Bald Eagle NestThe bald eagles in Hays aren't the only expecting eagles in the area anymore! An egg has been spotted in the bald eagle nest in Harmar Township.
Audubon Society Confirms Eaglet Hatch In Harmar NestThe Audubon Society of Western Pennsylvania has confirmed a hatch in the Harmar bald eagle nest.