Two Children, Firefighters Rescue An Injured Bald Eagle Entangled In Fishing LineTwo children and some firefighters rescued an injured bald eagle that was entangled in a fishing line with a fishing hook stuck in its beak.
Pa. Game Warden Rescues Bald Eagle Stuck In Manure PitA poor bald eagle was rescued by the Pennsylvania Game Commission after he got himself into a stinky situation.
Local Bald Eagle Released Back Into The Wild After Recovering From Lead PoisoningA bald eagle is finally able to fly home after spending two months recovering from lead poisoning.
Population Boom Of Bald Eagles Along Lake ErieThe Ohio Department of Natural Resources says that there are now more than 700 bald eagle nests along Lake Erie in Ohio.
Second Egg In Hays Bald Eagle Nest HatchesAn eaglet in the Hays Bald Eagle nest hatched early Monday morning.
First Egg In Hays Bald Eagle Nest HatchesThe first eaglet in Pittsburgh in 2020 hatched early Saturday morning.
Pennsylvania Game Commission Sets Up Camera On New Bald Eagles NestThere is a new nest of bald eagles to watch.
Bald Eagle Found Shot In The Head In Westmoreland Co. EuthanizedA bald eagle had to be euthanized after it was found on a Westmoreland County hiking trail with a bullet wound to its head.
Commission Needs Help Counting Bald Eagle NestsThe Pennsylvania Game Commission says there are too many bald eagle nests for the agency to count on its own and it needs the public's help.
Hays Bald Eagles Bring Fish To Nest With Fishing Hook, Line Attached To ItA big scare came for the Hays bald eagles Saturday.
Bald Eagle In Arkansas Killed Near NestAuthorities in southeastern Arkansas are searching for the person responsible for the shooting death of a bald eagle.