Police Officer Injured In Hopewell Twp. AccidentA police officer was injured in a collision in Beaver County.
Aliquippa Assistant Police Chief Facing New Charges, Accused Of Recording ConversationsAliquippa's assistant police chief, already facing charges for sending an inappropriate video to a minor, is now facing new charges.
Investigators Working Overtime, But No Closer To Solving DelTondo MurderThere are no arrests in the Mother’s Day murder of teacher Rachael DelTondo, but authorities are logging massive overtime in search of the shooter.
Beaver & Butler County Fireworks Listings 2018Brighten up your July 4th holiday by enjoying fireworks displays and community events throughout Beaver and Butler Counties!
Man Arrested After Passing Out, Leaving Baby In Backseat Of Sweltering Car With DrugsA father is facing charges after police say they found him passed out in a car with drugs inside and his young son in the backseat on a 90-plus degree day.
Aliquippa Acting Chief Recuses Department From Rachael DelTondo InvestigationAliquippa’s acting police chief is recusing the department from the Rachael DelTondo homicide case.
Aliquippa Assistant Police Chief Charged With Sending Sexually Explicit Material To MinorThe Aliquippa assistant police chief was arrested Friday morning.
Solicitor: Aliquippa Police Chief's Paid Administrative Leave Unrelated To Rachael DelTondo Murder InvestigationThe Aliquippa solicitor confirms the city’s police chief has been placed on paid administrative leave.