1 Shot In Oregon Amid Nationwide Anti-Trump ProtestsAs protests of President-elect Donald Trump entered another day, police in Portland, Oregon, say one person was shot by a man who had gotten into a confrontation with a protester.
Could Hillary Clinton Still Win The Election? There's One More ChanceThere's a petition going around on Change.org, with more then 600,000 signatures, in support of putting Hillary Clinton in the White House on basis of popular vote.
Pledging Cooperation, Trump Meets Obama At The White HousePresident Barack Obama welcomed his successor, Donald Trump, to the White House, today.
Anti-Trump Protesters March Through East Liberty Organizers called Wednesday's emergency meeting "Let's Unite to Stop President Trump," basically a movement for people who do not support President-Elect Donald Trump.
Thousands Join Anti-Trump Protests Around CountryThousands of protesters around the country took to the streets Wednesday to condemn the election of Donald Trump as president.
Political Strategists Weigh In On Why Pollsters Were So WrongFor the last 18 months, political pollsters said Donald Trump never had a chance. So how did the pollsters get it so wrong?
Some Clinton Supporters Angered By Trump's TriumphDonald Trump will be the next president of the United States. For some people, the news isn't sitting well.
Facebook Profile Pictures Changed To Black In Protest Of TrumpHave you noticed some of your Facebook friends now have a black background as their profile picture?
Westmoreland County's Turnout Helped Trump Win PennsylvaniaFor the first time since 1988, Pennsylvania elected a Republican candidate, despite having more registered Democrats.
Harambe, Hennessy Or JR Smith: Who Did America Write-In On Their Ballots?In this election cycle, there were plenty of 'candidates' put down under the write-in portion of the ballot. Here's some who received votes.
Clinton Tells Supporters To Greet Trump With 'Open Mind'Hillary Clinton told supporters Wednesday that they owed Donald Trump "an open mind and a chance to lead."
Obama Invites Trump To Meet, Congratulates Him On VictoryConceding his party's staggering electoral defeat, President Barack Obama on Wednesday invited President-elect Donald Trump to meet with him to discuss the handover of power.
Analysis: Trump's Road To White House Went Through Pa.Compared to 2012, some 200,000 more Pennsylvanians turned out to vote this year, bringing the total number of voters to just under 6 million.
Trump Election Elicits Fears, Some Cheers Around The GlobeThe world will face a starkly different America when President-elect Donald Trump takes the oath of office in January.
Prospect Of Trump Presidency Unnerves Companies, EconomistsThe prospect of a Donald Trump presidency unnerves businesspeople and economists who see him as a reckless novice who might disrupt trade and a struggling global economy.