Pittsburgh Researchers Design Computer Software That Detects Osteoarthritis Before Symptoms DevelopPittsburgh researchers are now using artificial intelligence to potentially find a cure for osteoarthritis.
Carnegie Mellon University's 'MoonRanger' To Search For Water On The Moon In 2022A robot rover being developed by CMU's Astrobotic is preparing to search for ice on the moon in the year 2022.
UPMC And Carnegie Mellon University Collaborate To Develop Rapid Coronavirus TestThe rapid test can provide results in 10-15 seconds and was developed in an effort between CMU, UPMC, and Pitt.
Google Donates $1 Million To Carnegie Mellon University's COVID-19 Forecasting ProjectGoogle is donating $1 million along with a full-time pro bono staff to help with CMU's COVID-19 forecasting project.
CMU: Amateur Drone Videos Posted To Social Media Could Be Used To Assess Storm DamageCMU wants to use drone videos posted to social media to assess damage after disasters.
Pitt, Penn State, Carnegie Mellon All Receiving Grants For Coronavirus Vaccine DevelopmentThe three schools are receiving grant money to support the rapid advancement of a vaccine and other therapies.
CMU Moves Undergrad Classes Online-Only For First WeekCMU says all residential students will be tested for coronavirus when they arrive, and undergrads will be required to start the fall semester online.
Pitt, Carnegie Mellon And IUP Make List Of Top 10 Colleges In PennsylvaniaWestern Pennsylvania has some of the best colleges in the state.
City Of Pittsburgh And Pitt Sign Legal Brief, Join Harvard-MIT Suit Denouncing ICE Rule On International StudentsThe City of Pittsburgh is backing Harvard University and MIT's lawsuit challenging ICE's decision to make international students leave the country if they have to take online courses this fall.
Carnegie Mellon Student Says New Trump Administration Visa Ruling Is 'Cruel' And 'Xenophobic'
Carnegie Mellon University Files Brief Standing With Harvard, MIT To Block ICE Rule On International StudentsCarnegie Mellon University is joining other colleges and universities in pushing back against the Trump administration’s decision to make international students leave the country if they plan on taking classes entirely online this fall.