City Of Pittsburgh And Pitt Sign Legal Brief, Join Harvard-MIT Suit Denouncing ICE Rule On International StudentsThe City of Pittsburgh is backing Harvard University and MIT's lawsuit challenging ICE's decision to make international students leave the country if they have to take online courses this fall.
Carnegie Mellon Student Says New Trump Administration Visa Ruling Is 'Cruel' And 'Xenophobic'
Carnegie Mellon University Files Brief Standing With Harvard, MIT To Block ICE Rule On International StudentsCarnegie Mellon University is joining other colleges and universities in pushing back against the Trump administration’s decision to make international students leave the country if they plan on taking classes entirely online this fall.
Carnegie Mellon Cancels Fall Sports Amid Coronavirus Health ConcernsThere will be no fall sports at Carnegie Mellon this year.
University Of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University Vow To Protect International Students After ICE Says They Must Leave U.S. If Classes Move OnlineTwo local universities are vowing to protect their international students after ICE said they must leave the United States if classes go online.
Carnegie Mellon University Unveils Actions And Steps To Address RacismCarnegie Mellon University has unveiled an action plan designed to make the campus community more inclusive and address systemic racism.
CMU Researchers: Twitter Bots May Be Responsible For Half Of Reopening America TweetsResearchers at Carnegie Mellon University say that bot campaigns are dominating many online conversations about the coronavirus.
CMU Celebrity Alumni Surprise Class Of 2020 As University Celebrates Graduates With Virtual Commencement CeremonyCarnegie Mellon University celebrated more than 5,400 graduates with a virtual commencement ceremony Sunday.
Carnegie Mellon University Planning For Fall Semester To Start On TimeCarnegie Mellon University says they are planning for their fall semester to start on time on August 31.
'Zoom Came Looking For Pittsburgh'; Hundreds Of Jobs Coming To Pittsburgh With Zoom Office PlannedA rare, encouraging note about employment came today, and it affects Pittsburgh.
Zoom Planning To Open Research & Development Office In PittsburghThe popular video conference software company is planning to open a research and development office in Pittsburgh.
'NOVID': CMU Professor Creates Anonymous Coronavirus Contact Tracing AppNOVID is the first major anonymous contact tracing app to use ultrasound and bluetooth technology to accurately gauge the distance between people.
Carnegie Mellon University Artist Makes Video Of Squirrels Socially Distancing, Eating At Tiny TableWe think you'll go totally 'nuts' over this video.
CMU, Pitt Researchers Launch 'Roboventilator' Project To Address Ventilator ShortageResearchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh are developing a new, low-cost ventilator that will help address the shortage made aware due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
Felicity Huffman's Daughter Sophia Macy Reportedly Accepted To CMUFelicity Huffman's daughter has reportedly been accepted to CMU.