LGBTQIA+ Commission And Black Pittsburgh Matters: City Council Unanimously Passes 2 BillsCity council unanimously passed two bills today.
KDKA Exclusive: City Councilman Introduces Legislation Calling For Reinvestment In The Black CommunityIn the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement, there are calls locally for a comprehensive plan to address inequality.
'Pittsburgh Police, Not The 3rd Infantry': Lawmakers Introduce Legislation To Demilitarize Police, While Law Enforcement Officers Say They Need Gear For Protection
'We Need To Get To The Root Causes Of Systematic Racism': Legislation To Freeze Hiring And Divert Police Funding Has Broad Support On CouncilEarly supporters of legislation to freeze hiring and divert money from Pittsburgh's Bureau of Police say this isn’t the same as defunding police.
KDKA Exclusive: City Councilman Proposes Pittsburgh Police Hiring Freeze, Budget Redirection Following George Floyd's DeathAround the country, police departments are under fire with activists calling for their defunding and dismantling.
City Council To Provide More Options To Recycle E-WasteIt's the classic government Catch 22.
City Council Members Introduce 'Stop The Violence' InitiativeTwo members of Pittsburgh's City Council have introduced a new bill to cut down on gun violence.
Needle Exchange Program Proposed For Carrick Receiving BacklashThey say they are two unlikely allies, a pastor and a former construction worker, but their faith binds them together and so does their broken past.
Strassburger Wins Pittsburgh City Council Special ElectionWith an overwhelming majority, candidate Erika Strassburger has won a special election to fill Pittsburgh’s eighth district City Council seat.
Opinion Divided Over Proposed E-Cigarette BanSome local lawmakers are supporting a proposed ban on e-cigarettes, but opponents say the ban is a violation of personal choice.
Concerns Over New Pittsburgh Policing Policy: "This Is Just Not Safe"A new policy is aimed at freeing up Pittsburgh Police officers so they can respond to more urgent matters, but some say it isn't safe.