President Donald Trump Said A Coronavirus Vaccine Is Weeks Away. Pittsburgh Medical Experts DisagreePresident Donald Trump said a coronavirus vaccine is weeks away. Pittsburgh health officials disagree.
Pittsburgh Doctor Discusses Safety Measures In Coronavirus Vaccine RolloutA vaccine rollout is one step closer and could happen by the end of the year.
AstraZeneca Coronavirus Vaccine Testing On HoldTrials of one coronavirus vaccine are on hold.
Coronavirus Vaccine Trials: Local Leaders Volunteer For TestsRich Fitzgerald and Larry Maggi are just two of thousands of people taking part in coronavirus vaccine trials.
'We Don't Want To Rush It': Microbiologist Says Rushing A Coronavirus Vaccine Has Many DrawbacksIn a rush to beat COVID-19, a vaccine could be made available through the Food and Drug Administration's Emergency Use Authorization.
Washington Co. Commissioner Signs Up For Coronavirus Vaccine Trial To Be 'Part Of A Solution'Washington County Commissioner Larry Maggi is taking part in a coronavirus vaccine trial in Columbus.
Washington County Commissioner Signs Up For Coronavirus Vaccine TrialLarry Maggi will take part in a coronavirus vaccine trial in Columbus.
Moderna Says Coronavirus Vaccine Trials Are Going Well, Looking For More VolunteersModerna says tests of its experimental Coronavirus vaccine are going well.
Local Doctor Offers Insight Into Experimental Coronavirus Vaccine TrialsMore than 2,000 people in Pittsburgh have volunteered for an experimental coronavirus vaccine trial. So just what are you getting into if you line up to help?
UPMC Among Locations Taking Part In Phase Three Of Coronavirus Vaccine TrialsUPMC is among 87 locations where the phase three trials of a potential coronavirus vaccine will be taking place.