Bipartisan Observers Watch Allegheny County Return Board Tackle Tens Of Thousands Uncounted BallotsThere are still tens of thousands of ballots in Allegheny County not yet counted.
Experts Clear Up Post-Election Myths And MisconceptionsPolitical experts clear up some post-election myths and misconceptions.
Allegheny Co. Election Officials Still Playing Catch Up After Nearly 30K Voters Receive Incorrect BallotOfficials are still catching up after nearly 30,000 voters received an incorrect ballot in Allegheny County.
Local Politicians Go Topless To Get People Talking About 'Naked Ballots'Three local politicians are getting naked to get people talking.
Allegheny County Council Sends Police Reform Bill To CommitteeA bill aimed at reforming the way police use less-lethal force was not voted on during the Allegheny County Council meeting on Tuesday night.
Allegheny County Councilwomen Prepare To Introduce Ordinance Against The Use Of Tear Gas In Allegheny CountySome local legislators plan to introduce legislation that would ban the use of tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bang grenades in Allegheny County.
Allegheny Co. Democratic Chair Says Endorsed Democratic State House Candidate Who Wrote ‘Go Trump’ On Facebook Should Be ForgivenThree days after a controversial endorsement, the Allegheny County Democratic chair defended her party's process.
Councilwoman-Elect Bethany Hallam Predicts Shake-Up On County CouncilThe new at-large Democrat on County Council has vowed that the new council will not be a just a rubber-stamp for the County Executive.