Small Town Continues Tradition Of 'Electing' Dog As MayorEvery mayor of this small community since its founding has been a dog. The latest is a French bulldog.
Mountain Lion Cub Rescued From California WildfireAn orphaned mountain lion cub is recovering from burn injuries after being rescued from California's Zogg Fire.
Pittsburgh Man Who Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury Reunited With DogA video captured a heartwarming reunion between a man and his best friend.
'The Nutty Bar': Ohio Man Built A Backyard Squirrel Bar With Seven Varieties Of Nuts On TapPeople are going nuts for an Ohio woodworker's latest creation: A bar that caters to neighborhood squirrels.
A 150-Pound Runaway Tortoise Is Back Home After 74 Days On The LamA 150-pound runaway tortoise is back home after 74 days on the lam.
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The Space Force Has A New Recruit: A Wild MustangThe Space Force has added a once-wild mustang to its conservation program. But don't worry, they won't be sending it to space.
A Police Dog Found A Missing Mom And Her Baby During Its First Shift On The ForceA police dog found a missing mom and her baby during its first shift on the force.
Ben Roethlisberger Celebrates 1 Month Birthday For New PuppiesThe Roethlisbergers took time this week to celebrate their seven puppies' one month birthdays, complete with toys and a (fake) birthday cake.
St. Bernard Dog Rescued From England's Tallest MountainSt. Bernard dogs are the ones that traditionally have come to the rescue of humans. But in a reverse of circumstances, humans rescued a St. Bernard after she collapsed while coming down England's highest mountain.
Local Pilot Brings Two Rescue Dogs From North Carolina To PennsylvaniaA local pilot and his daughter volunteered to pick up two rescue dogs from North Carolina so that they could be put up for adoption in Pennsylvania.