You Can Now Buy A Dog Collar That Will Swear Every Time Your Dog BarksFor every treat your good boy deserved but didn't get, for every itch that you didn't scratch, your dog can now vent out all its frustration in cuss words.
'The Golden Retriever Was Robbed': Ligonier Golden Retriever Wins Sporting Group But Not Best In ShowPrimped and poised, Siba the standard poodle owned the ring.
'They Are Happier. They Are In Less Pain': Butler Co. Vet Uses Stem Cell Therapy To Help Heal DogsDr. Mike Hutchinson, DVM performed his first stem cell procedure in 2008. Nearly twelve years later, he can tell you all about his first case.
A Dog's Love: 95% Of Dog Owners Say They Believe Their Dog Loves ThemA survey asked over 1,000 American dog owners about their relationship with their pets for its "Anatomy of Dog Love" report.
Furry Tails: Super Bowl Champ Helping Homeless PetsOne of the Kansas City Chiefs is celebrating being a Super Bowl champion by helping homeless pets.
Adopted Puppy Dies In 12-Year-Old Girl's Arms And Now Local Family Is Looking For AnswersFamilies say they adopted puppies from a local animal rescue that were underfed, sick, covered in feces and hours away from death.
Local Woman Looking For Forever Homes For Dogs With Special NeedsA local woman is looking for forever homes for a group of dogs with special needs.
'They're Not Being Honest With The Customers': Local Activists Accuse Petland Of Selling Dogs From Puppy MillsRepresentative Harry Readshaw and local activists are raising questions about how Petland handles its dogs.
Petland To Investigate Death Of Dog Sold At Monroville Store As More Owners Come Forward Claiming They Were Sold Sick DogsPetland's corporate office says it has launched an internal investigation into the death of a dog sold from a Monroeville store.
KDKA Investigates: Family Accuses Local Petland Store Of Selling Them Sick 16-Week-Old Siberian Husky That Later DiedA local family is accusing Petland Monroeville of knowingly selling them a sick dog that later died.
Furry Fun! Pittsburgh Pet Expo 2019The Pittsburgh Pet Expo was held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center from Nov. 15-17, 2019. Pets of all kinds and their owners came out to check out the fun!