Neurosurgeon Explains Impact Of Repeated ConcussionsMost recently we've learned about the serious neurological damage associated with repeated concussions - dementia, depression, Alzheimer's, memory loss and death – some by their own hand.
Medical Frontiers Talks About Epilepsy Dr. Pifer was joined in the studio today by Dr. Jack Wilberger and Dr. James Valeriano of Allegheny General Hospital Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery.
Medical Frontiers: Spinal Injuries This week on Medical Frontiers, Dr. Pifer was joined by Dr. Jack Wilberger, Allegheny General Hospital Department of Neurosurgery.
Crosby Out Again - Neurologist Talks About ConcussionsKDKA AM's Larry and John talk to neurologist Dr Jack Wilberger about concussion concerns for Sidney Crosby and other athletes.
Troy Polamalu's Playing Style Comes With A PriceIt's the highlight of watching Dick LeBeau's crew go to work – seeing Troy Polamalu’s hair flying as he hunts down his prey. He often appears to fly in for the kill.
Neurosurgeon Weighs In On Sidney's SituationDr. Jack Wilberger is not Sidney Crosby’s doctor and he's not even sure what symptoms Sid is having. But Wilberger says the fact that Sid is having any symptoms eight months after his concussion is a major concern.
Bradshaw Paying Price For Concussions In NFLBack when Super Bowl victories were celebrated in Market Square and the Terrible Trolley took you from South Hills Junction to town with music all the way, Terry Bradshaw was at the top of his game.

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