New And Recent Mothers May Be Able To Pass Coronavirus Antibodies Onto Their BabiesNew and recent mothers may be able to pass coronavirus antibodies onto their babies.
Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Could Be Used As Second Dose For People With Severe Allergic Reaction To FirstSome people have severe allergic reactions to the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines.
How Johnson & Johnson's Coronavirus Vaccine Compares To Other Vaccines AvailableThe Johnson & Johnson vaccine is now the third coronavirus vaccine in the U.S. authorized under emergency use.
New Treatment Gets Young People With Knee Problems Back In GameThere is a new treatment that is getting young people with knee problems back in the game.
U.S. Advisers Endorse Johnson & Johnson's Single-Shot Coronavirus VaccineU.S. health advisers have endorsed a one-dose COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson.
COVID-19 Vaccine Makers Look To Adjust As New Variants EmergeSome of Dr. Brian Lamb's patients want to put off their COVID-19 vaccine.
Pittsburgh Doctor Says Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine Will Be Available In More PlacesJohnson & Johnson's COVID-19 vaccine has some advantages
Coronavirus Vaccine Side Effects Could Interfere With Mammogram Results, Doctors SayWhen lymph nodes swell, they can look just like cancer.
Pfizer To Begin Coronavirus Vaccine Trial For Pregnant WomenPfizer is starting clinical trials in pregnant women to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immune response to its coronavirus vaccine.
Average Life Expectancy In U.S. Drops By A Year Due To CoronavirusAs a population, COVID-19 has hit life expectancy hard.
Doctors Warn Of Rise In Children With Inflammatory Syndrome Related To CoronavirusThe inflammatory pediatric syndrome linked to COVID-19 called MIS-C is on the rise.
COVID-19 In Pittsburgh: St. Clair Hospital Hopes To Vaccinate 2,000 People In Group 1A This WeekSt. Clair Hospital is vaccinating some people in the top priority group -- Group 1A.
Concerns Arise After People Left To Stand In Cold While Waiting For Coronavirus VaccineSeniors who finally got an appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine at UPMC Outpatient Center met another challenge — long lines in cold weather.
COVID-19 In Pennsylvania: Vaccine Going Directly To Community Health CentersCOVID-19 vaccines will be going directly to community health centers.
Coronavirus Vaccines Now Available At Giant Eagle PharmaciesCoronavirus vaccines are now available at Giant Eagle Pharmacies.