Pa. Congressman Scott Perry And Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Object To Counting Of Pa.'s Electoral College VotesTwo lawmakers objected to the counting of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes.
'It's All Political Theater:' Constitutional Scholar And Presidential Historian Says Contesting Election Process Is Nothing NewAs some members of Congress raise objections to the election of Joe Biden, one historian says it's nothing new and just political theater.
8 Pennsylvania House GOP Members To Oppose Joe Biden’s Electoral VotesEight Republican members of Congress from Pennsylvania said that they will oppose the state’s electoral votes being cast for President-elect Joe Biden.
Pa. Senator Pat Toomey Speaks Out Against Republican Senators Seeking To Oppose Certification Of Election ResultsPa. Senator Pat Toomey decried the efforts by some Republicans to oppose the certifying of the presidential election results.
Pennsylvania Casts 20 Electoral Votes For Joe BidenPennsylvania has cast its 20 electoral votes for Democrat Joe Biden, the native son whose win in the state last month cemented his overall victory against President Donald Trump.
West Virginia Casts 5 Electoral Votes For President Donald TrumpWest Virginia’s five presidential electors have cast their votes for President Donald Trump, who won nearly 69% of the state’s popular vote in November.
Pa. Electors To Meet In Harrisburg To Officially Cast Ballots For Presidential Election, Confirming Joe Biden As 46th President-Elect Of The United StatesAfter a record-setting Election Day, today, state electors will gather to fulfill their U.S. Constitutional duty.
Electoral College Voters Set To Meet To Cast Ballots, Beginning Process Of Presidential Election Results Becoming Official With just one day away from the Electoral College meeting to make President-elect Joe Biden's win official, 538 electors are set to meet at state houses across the country cast their votes.
Trump Nets Pennsylvania's 20 Electoral Votes For PresidentMore than 200 demonstrators are on the steps of Pennsylvania's Capitol to greet members of the state's 58th Electoral College.
Opinion: Ryan VP Pick Changes Electoral MathPaul Ryan has changed the Electoral College math. With the pick, Romney has chosen a path that writes off almost all of the country and focuses the election on the industrial Midwest.
Pa. Republicans Making Push To Overhaul State's Electoral College SystemPennsylvania Republicans are making a push to overhaul the state's electoral college system, hoping to make Pennsylvania only the third state in the nation to adopt a model other than the "winner take all" approach favored by most of the country.