KDKA Investigates Closure Of Ellwood Medical Center, With Ties To Joe Biden's BrotherThe closure of Ellwood City Medical Center is a story of bankruptcy, betrayals, bad business dealings and a connection to the Biden family.
Ellwood City Diner Run By Husband And Wife Serves Generous PortionsEllwood City diner offers big portions and great experiences with familiar faces.
Ellwood City Girl Battling Organ Rejection Receives Overwhelming Amount Of Valentine CardsOne Ellwood City girl has her Valentine's Day request for cards granted and then some. 
Ellwood City Girl Battling Organ Rejection After Multi-Organ Transplant Asks For Valentine's Day CardsHer rare surgery captured world-wide attention and she captured the hearts of people all over the region. Now she's asking for Valentine's Day cards.
FBI Raids Ellwood City Medical CenterThe FBI raided the now-closed Ellwood City Medical Center.
Butler Health System To Open Primary Care Facility In Ellwood CityButler Health System is opening a new primary care facility in Ellwood City.
Attorney General Josh Shapiro Orders Ellwood City Medical Center Owners To Pay Back Money, Reopen HospitalAttorney General Josh Shapiro ordered the owners of the Ellwood City Medical Center to pay back the money they owe and reopen the hospital.
McDonald's Holds Job Fair For Employees Laid Off From Ellwood City Medical CenterAfter nearly 100 employees were laid off from the Ellwood City Medical Center, which is now fully closed, a local McDonald's is hosting a job fair for those employees.
Ellwood City Medical Center Shuts Down CompletelyThe Ellwood City Medical Center has been temporarily suspended from providing any services.
Ellwood City Medical Center CEO Resigns Amid Closure, Unpaid Bills And Lay OffsThings keep getting worse for Ellwood City Medical Center.
Ellwood City Medical Center Facing Layoffs Amid Closure Of Emergency RoomNearly 100 people are being laid off amid the closure of the emergency room at the Ellwood City Medical Center.