CDC Issues Eviction Ban On Areas With 'Substantial Or High' Transmission Of COVID-19On Tuesday, the CDC issued a ban on evictions for areas with "substantial or high" transmission of COVID-19.
Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium Ends As Feds And State Ramp Up Program To Help HomeownersWhen the moratorium on evictions ended on July 31, so did a moratorium on foreclosures on delinquent home mortgages.
As Eviction Moratorium Expires, Many Worried They'll Be Left Without A Roof Over Their HeadsAs the eviction moratorium lifts and many are worried, there are resources across Pittsburgh to help those in need.
Moratorium On Rent Evictions Comes To An End, Federal Assistance Available To RentersToday is the day thousands of Pennsylvania residents have been dreading, with the moratorium on evictions set to come to an end. 
Eviction Moratorium Update: Without An Extension, What Happens To Renters After July 31?The CDC's eviction moratorium ends on July 31, which leaves renters uncertain about their future in an economy still recovering from COVID.
Renters Behind On Rent During Pandemic May Have Access To Millions To Pay Off DebtsThe moratorium on rental evictions comes to an end this Saturday.
U.S. Supreme Court Decision Allows Eviction Moratorium To Stay In Place Until End Of JulySCOTUS ruled that the pandemic-related eviction moratorium can remain in place until the end of July.
Eviction Cases In West Virginia Await End Of Federal Moratorium In JulyAs a moratorium on evictions is set to end in July, West Virginia is expecting to see an influx of eviction cases.
Biden Administration Extends Nationwide Ban On Evictions For 30 DaysThe Biden administration extended the nationwide ban on evictions for 30 days.
Pittsburgh City Council Votes To Amend Eviction MoratoriumThe amended law reduces the fines on landlords but still bans them from evicting tenants who can't pay rent due to pandemic job losses.
Pittsburgh Landlord Group Says City-Wide Ban On Evictions Is 'Unconstitutional'There’s now a city-wide ban on evictions, but a local landlord group calls the move “unconstitutional.”