Ahead Of Big Weekend In Pittsburgh, Doctors Recommend Masking Up Even If It's Not RequiredIt’s another event-filled weekend in Pittsburgh. Tens of thousands of people are expected to be out and about on the city streets.
Can Kids Be Harmed By Wearing Masks To Protect Against COVID?Can kids be harmed wearing masks to protect against COVID?
Republicans On House Committee Vote Acting Health Secretary Violated Law When Mandating Masks In SchoolsRepublicans on the Pennsylvania House Health Committee voted that the state's acting health secretary violated the law when she mandated masks in schools.
Pennsylvania Targets Physicians Offering Stock Doctor's Notes For School Mask Mandate ExemptionsSome Pennsylvania physicians are offering stock doctor’s notes for use by parents wishing to have their children exempted from wearing masks in school.
Montour Parents, Students Protest Statewide School Mask MandateThe first week of the statewide school mask mandate is coming to a close, but not without more protests.
Some Franklin Regional Parents Protest Statewide School Mask MandateFrom the high school to the middle school, parents in the Franklin Regional School District made sure their message was heard: “our children, our choice.”
Students Protest State's School Mask MandateA group of students outside of Greater Latrobe Senior High School are protesting Pennsylvania's mask mandate for students and teachers.
Pennsylvania School Mask Mandate Takes Effect Tuesday, Lawsuit Seeks To Stop ItIn an effort to keep schools from shutting down due to COVID-19, a statewide mask mandate in all Pennsylvania schools will go into effect this week.
What Happens If A District Ignores The School Mask Mandate?With some school officials questioning the state's mandatory school mask mandate, which takes effect next Tuesday, KDKA asked Jon Delano, who is also an attorney, to examine the mandate and what could happen if a school district ignores it.
Pennsylvania Mandates Masks For K-12 SchoolsMasks will be required in all Pennsylvania K-12 schools, Gov. Tom Wolf announced Tuesday.
Masks To Stay Optional At Canon-McMillan School District After Judge Denies Temporary Restraining OrderMasks will stay optional at the Canon-McMillan School District after a judge denied a temporary restraining order.