Google, FTC Reach $170M Settlement Over Alleged Violations Of Kids' Privacy On YouTubeGoogle has agreed to pay a record $170 million penalty to settle accusations that YouTube broke the law when it knowingly tracked and sold ads targeted to children, the FTC and the state of New York said Wednesday.
Equifax To Pay Hundreds Of Millions In Data Breach SettlementEquifax will pay up to $700 million to settle with the Federal Trade Commission and others over a 2017 data breach that exposed Social Security numbers and other private information of nearly 150 million people.
FTC Issuing $1.95M In Refunds To Pittsburgh-Area Consumers Who Bought Weight Loss SystemThe Federal Trade Commission is issuing more than $1.95 million in refunds to Pittsburgh-area residents who bought a deceptive weight loss system.
FTC Cracks Down On Fake Charities For VeteransThe Federal Trade Commission announced two major actions against allegedly fraudulent charities for veterans Thursday.
CEO Mark Zuckerberg Testifies, Discloses Facebook Is Working With Russia ProbeFacebook faces two new federal lawsuits for allegedly violating the trust of the millions of users whose personal data was shared with the data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica.
Amazon Refunds Available For Unauthorized Purchases By ChildrenIf your child bought something from Amazon's app store without your permission, you may be able to get your money back.
Television Maker In Trouble With FTC For Tracking Viewing HabitsYour smart TV is not only giving you access to a world of entertainment and information, it may also be remembering everything you watch.
Cyber Security Experts: Vigilance Is Best Way To Deter HackersMore than two billion of our emails and passwords were compromised last year.
Congress Cracks Down On 'Bots' That Snap Up Concert TicketsCongress sent legislation to President Barack Obama that could make it easier to get tickets to popular shows, sports events and concerts.
Can Billboards Spy On You Via Your Smartphone?Smart phones are everywhere and they can track our whereabouts, but how about a billboard that can track us when we are nearby with that same phone?
FCC Levies Toughest Fine Ever For AT&T'S Alleged 'Throttling'AT&T Mobility LLC has been slapped with a $100 million fine for offering consumers "unlimited" data, but then slowing their Internet speeds after they reached a certain amount.