What Happens If You Get Coronavirus And The Flu At The Same Time?What happens if you get coronavirus and the flu at the same time?
Doctors Say Flu Shots Are Critical This YearDoctors and nurses around the country are preparing for a fight against the flu season and coronavirus at the same time.
Flu Season Could Pose 'Twindemic' For 2020, Doctors SayThere's a new term you could be hearing more this fall -- "Twindemic."
Get Your Flu Shots And Get Them Early This Year, Doctors SayThe U.S. flu season typically doesn’t start until winter, but most places start distributing the vaccine in September.
'Deeply Concerning': Ohio Sees Nearly 4,500 Flu-Related Hospitalizations This SeasonOhio health officials say flu hospitalizations reached their highest number for the 2019-2020 season.
Pennsylvania Doctors Say People Should Be More Concerned About The Flu Doctors in our region say people should be more concerned about the flu.
Pennsylvania Battles Recent Surge In Flu CasesSo far, there are over 17,000 flu cases in Pennsylvania.
Pennsylvania Battles Severe Rise In Flu Cases, Up Over A Thousand PercentPennsylvania is battling rising numbers of flu cases. Five people have already died from the flu but not in this region of the state.
CDC: Flu Is Getting An Early Start In The U.S. This SeasonThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told doctors on a conference call this week that the United States is seeing more flu than is typical for this time of year.
Flu Killed Close To 200 Children In The U.S. This SeasonThe flu killed more children in the past year than during any other regular flu season in recent history.
Is Mom's Old Myth True: Can Wild Temperatures Swings Increase Your Flu Chances?As wonderful as the warm weather is, do drastic temperature changes in winter make more people sick?