UPMC Doctor Says A Widely Available Coronavirus Vaccine Before End Of Year Is 'Not Going To Happen'A UPMC doctor said a widely available coronavirus vaccine by the end of the year "is simply not going to happen."
UPMC Tests Plan That Could Allow Employees To Quickly Get Coronavirus VaccineAs a practice run for an eventual coronavirus vaccine, UPMC has launched Operation One Shot with the goal of immunizing as many of its employees as possible against the flu.
What Happens If You Get Coronavirus And The Flu At The Same Time?What happens if you get coronavirus and the flu at the same time?
Doctors Say Flu Shots Are Critical This YearDoctors and nurses around the country are preparing for a fight against the flu season and coronavirus at the same time.
Get Your Flu Shots And Get Them Early This Year, Doctors SayThe U.S. flu season typically doesn’t start until winter, but most places start distributing the vaccine in September.
Health Care Workers Expecting High Demand For Flu Shot Due To Coronavirus PandemicBecause coronavirus and influenza will be circulating together this year, flu shot providers are getting ready.
Allegheny County Health Department Flu Vaccine Clinic Opening September 30The Allegheny County Health Department is offering residents flu shots beginning next week.
Some Doctors Concerned Flu Vaccine May Only Reduce Risk By 10 PercentThe flu has arrived here in Pennsylvania. There is concern this year's flu vaccine may only reduce risk by 10 percent.
'Flu-pocalypse' Predicted Due To Ineffective Flu Shots, Doctors SayThe possibility of a "flu-pocalypse" is being talked about after record numbers of patients were diagnosed with influenza in Australia
Flu Vaccines Match This YearThe demand for flu shots can be unpredictable.
Health Dept.’s Walk-In Clinic Providing Flu ShotsThe Allegheny County Health Department's walk-in clinic is providing flu shots.