Pittsburgh Weather: Chance Of Showers, Storms Before Temperatures ClimbIf you still have some outdoor activities to cross off your summer bucket list before the school season starts back up, next week will bring warm summer weather.
Pittsburgh Weather: Chances Of Rain Before Temperatures RiseWhile rain is on the radar the next few days, Pittsburgh should get another push of warm, summer weather before it's time to go back to school.
Pittsburgh Weather: Possibility Of Severe Storms Before Weekend ShowersScattered storms are expected for this afternoon before Pittsburgh launches into a 7-day forecast filled with chances of rain.
Pittsburgh Weather: Dry Weather To End As Cold Front Brings Showers, StormsMondays may be rough, but at least today's weather is going to be beautiful before rain sweeps in.
Pittsburgh Weather: Cool Temperatures Before Heat, Humidity RisePittsburgh is waking up to clear and cool conditions with temperatures in the lower 50s to upper 60s, almost 10 degrees cooler than the average temperature.
Pittsburgh Weather: Sunny Skies, Cooler Weather Sweep In This WeekendMake sure you get out and enjoy the sunshine this weekend, because there is going to be plenty of it.
Pittsburgh Weather: Beautiful Stretch Of Weekend WeatherToday's a beautiful day for a Steelers game.
Pittsburgh Weather: Evening Showers, Storms To Roll Through The AreaWe'll have another stormy afternoon just like yesterday, but this time, the storms will roll into the night.
Pittsburgh Weather: Beautiful Sunday Weather On TapIf you liked yesterday's weather, you're going to like today's forecast too.
Pittsburgh Weather: Mostly Dry With A Chance Of Pop-Up ShowersThe Three Rivers Regatta may be canceled, but don't let that stop you from taking advantage of the weekend sun.
Pittsburgh Weather: Scattered Storms Threaten August's Dry, Beautiful StartAugust is off to a beautiful start, but there is a chance for isolated showers today.
Pittsburgh Weather: Showers, Storms Will End Dry Weather StreakThe stretch of dry weather will come to an end today with rain already showing up on the radar this morning.
Pittsburgh Weather: Sunny Streak To End SoonThe weather has been gorgeous, but it's soon going to be time to break the umbrellas back out.
Pittsburgh Weather: Beautiful Start To The WeekendWhatever you're up to this weekend, make sure to take advantage of the sunshine and dry weather.
Pittsburgh Weather: Cold Front To Bring Relief From Heat, HumidityIt's still muggy today, but a cold front is expected to come through tomorrow and finally cool things off.