People Are Drinking Hand Sanitizer And Dying, CDC SaysPeople are getting sick and even dying after swallowing hand sanitizer, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.
FDA's List Of Dangerous Hand Sanitizers Grows To More Than 100The US Food and Drug Administration has expanded its warning about hand sanitizers to avoid, with the list now topping 100.
FDA Warns Public Of Potentially Toxic Hand Sanitizer BrandsThe FDA is warning consumers and health care providers about the growing number of hand sanitizers that contain methanol, which can be toxic.
Some Hand Sanitizers On The Market May Be DangerousSome hand sanitizers on the market may be dangerous.
FDA Warns Consumers Of 9 Hand Sanitizers That Could Be ToxicThe FDA has a new warning about certain hand sanitizers made in Mexico with a potentially toxic ingredient.
Pittsburgh Native Donates 250 Gallons Of Hand Sanitizer To Greater Pittsburgh Community Food BankThe Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank received a donation of 250 gallons of hand sanitizer.
O'Hara Township Company Creating Hemp-Based Hand SanitizerAn O'Hara Township-based company has shifted a part of its operations to make hand sanitizer.
Coronavirus In Fayette County: Local Distillery Making Hand Sanitizer As Demand SkyrocketsOne local business is switching from distilling moonshine to making sanitizers to help first responders and hospitals in need.
TSA Will Allow Up To 12 Ounces Of Hand Sanitizer Through Security Checkpoints Amid Coronavirus OutbreakUp to 12 ounces of hand sanitizer is now allowed in carry-on bags through TSA security checkpoints and onto planes.
How To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer If It's Not Available At The StoreHand sanitizer sold out? There's a way to make your own right at home.
Are We Using Too Much Hand Sanitizer?Hand sanitizer sales are up 37 percent over last year, and millions of people use them multiple times a day. But are we relying on them too much?