'Super Fancy': Ed Sheeran's Heinz Ketchup Commercial Makes Its DebutEd Sheeran's Heinz Ketchup commercial has made its big debut.
Returning To The Classic: Kennywood Brings Back Heinz KetchupIf you're one of the 8,500 Pittsburghers who signed the petition to bring Heinz Ketchup back to Kennywood, here's some good news: Heinz is returning.
Condiment Controversy: Idlewild & SoakZone Serving Heinz Condiments Except For Ketchup, Hunt's InsteadChildren's amusement park Idlewild & SoakZone is in the hot seat on social media over the condiments they are serving.
Ed Sheeran x Heinz: Ed Sheeran Launches Collaboration With Heinz KetchupEd Sheeran found a love for him and he'd like for his fellow ketchup lovers to dive right in and follow his lead.
JuJu Smith-Schuster Hands Out Heinz Ketchup At KennywoodDoes Pittsburgh really deserve JuJu Smith-Schuester?
Pittsburghers Petition To 'Bring Back Heinz Ketchup To Kennywood'A petition to fight back against the "blasphemy" that is Kennywood's decision to replace Heinz ketchup with Hunt's has been launched.
Seeing Red: Social Media Notices Kennywood Using Hunt's KetchupHeinz rewarded a Twitter user that noticed the Pittsburgh amusement park was not using their ketchup.
Heinz Adds 'Kranch' To Line Of Hybrid CondimentsHeinz is adding another product to its line of hybrid condiments -- "Kranch."
Heinz Unveils New ‘Mayocue,’ ‘Mayomust’ ConcoctionsIf you love Heinz’s unique Mayochup condiment, then you’re going to like their new flavors of the concoction.
Just In Time For Valentine's Day, Heinz Unveils Ketchup CaviarAmerica’s favorite ketchup brand is getting fancy! Heinz is introducing Ketchup Caviar.
Heinz Introduces Mayonnaise-Ketchup Hybrid, MayochupJust in time for summer picnic season, Heinz is introducing an interesting new condiment.