CDC Inquiry Sought On HIV Outbreak In West Virginia's Largest CountyU.S. Sen. Joe Manchin on Monday submitted a congressional inquiry with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding an HIV outbreak in West Virginia’s largest county.
CDC: West Virginia HIV Wave Could Be 'Tip Of The Iceberg'West Virginia has one of the nation’s highest spikes in HIV cases related to intravenous drug use.
Medical Company Claims They Have Discovered Cure For HIV/AIDSA Maryland pharmaceutical company believes it may have a potential cure for HIV/AIDS.
Scientists Discover First New HIV Strain In Nearly Two DecadesFor the first time in 19 years, a team of scientists has detected a new strain of HIV.
Health Officials: West Virginia HIV Cluster Continues To GrowWest Virginia health officials say the number of HIV cases in Cabell County has risen to 53.
Pitt Scientists Develop 'Swiss Army Knife' Immunotherapy That Kicks, Kills HIV By Exploiting Common VirusScientists at the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health have developed an all-in-one immunotherapy approach that not only kicks HIV out of hiding in the immune system, but also kills it.
Health Officials: 'Vampire Facial' May Have Exposed Spa Clients To HIVHealth officials are recommending that clients who have received a "vampire facial" or any other type of injection-related service at an Albuquerque spa get tested for HIV and other blood-borne infections.
Beaver County Sees Uptick In STD Numbers Among Young PeopleNew disturbing information says there is a significant increase in sexually transmitted diseases for young people between the ages of 15 and 24.
Vaginal Ring Could Become First HIV Prevention Product For WomenThe first HIV prevention product for women is on the horizon.
HIV-Positive Coach Charged With Abusing Dozens Of SchoolboysAn HIV-positive teachers' aide and track coach described as a "predator" by a county prosecutor now faces more than 100 felony counts of child sex abuse and other offenses.
Study: Charlie Sheen's HIV Disclosure Had Big ImpactActor Charlie Sheen was called a lot of things during his bad-boy days. Until now, public health promoter wasn't one of them.