Pennsylvania Moves To Comply With Federal Real ID LawPennsylvania is closer to complying with a federal law that requires people to prove they are legal U.S. residents in order for their driver's licenses to be valid for federal purposes.
Sen. Bob Casey: Deported Mother, 5-Year-Old Son In Danger In HondurasSen. Bob Casey is lashing out against the Trump administration for deporting a Honduran mother and her 5-year-old son.
Homeland Security: Barely Half Of Illegal Border Crossers CaughtImmigration authorities caught barely half of the people who illegally entered the U.S. from Mexico last year.
Report: More Than 800 Immigrants Accidentally Granted CitizenshipAccording to an internal Homeland Security audit released Monday, the U.S. government has mistakenly granted citizenship to at least 858 immigrants.
Officials Recover Missing Flooding Victim In Greenbrier Co.Emergency officials say the body of a flooding victim has been recovered in Greenbrier County.
Beechwood Elementary School Teacher Under Investigation By Homeland SecurityA teacher at an elementary school in the Pittsburgh Public School District is now the subject of a Homeland Security investigation.
Mail Order Bride Scam Victim Tells His Story To Federal AgentsAn Apollo man's "big mistake" has now become a federal case after a recent Get Marty investigation.
Local Shopping Malls May Or May Not Be Ready For Terrorist AttackLocal shopping malls didn't want to engage publicly about their security measures, but all seemed aware that a Somali group called al-Shabaab had issued a general threat, as reported on Australian television.
3-D Laser Scanner Could Revolutionize Police, Security ProceduresIt’s something straight out of the TV show CSI.
Sony Pulls Plug On Controversial New Movie Over ThreatsFederal investigators have now connected the hacking of Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. to North Korea, a U.S. official said Wednesday, though it remained unclear how the federal government would respond to a break-in that exposed sensitive documents and ultimately led to terrorist threats against moviegoers.
Sony Hackers Threaten 9/11 Style Attack On Movie TheatersSony hackers have reportedly threatened a 9/11-like attack on movie theaters that screen the new Seth Rogen, James Franco North Korean comedy “The Interview.”