Angie's List: How To Deal With, Or Avoid, A Squirrel InvasionYou know how nice it is to have a warm home to go to when it’s cold and nasty outside?
Angie's List: Wood Tile Vs. Real Wood FloorsWith a wide variety of colors and finishes, wood tiles are giving real wood floors a run for their money.
Green Solutions Seen For Dye Test MessPlenty of people around western Pennsylvania are staring down thousands of dollars’ worth of repairs, all because their downspouts are tied into the wrong system.
Homeowners Angry, Unable To Foot Huge Fees After Failing Dye TestsThere are houses on the market on Pioneer Boulevard in Brookline. But although there are eager buyers, there are no sales.
Is Your Home Built On An Abandoned Mine?Some Mt. Oliver home owners were surprised to find their homes were built on top of an abandoned mine, which was causing them to crumble.
Homeowners Found Polluting Could Have To Shell Out ThousandsThe test is simple, but if you fail, it'll cost you as much as $10,000 -- potentially bankrupting many.
Allegheny Co. Homeowners Have Sticker Shock Over New Property TaxesFor the first time, everyone can see just what they’ll be paying in new property taxes on the Allegheny County Assessment website.
Deadline Nears To File Property Reassessment AppealsMonday is the deadline for homeowners in Allegheny County to file formal appeals on their property reassessments.
Items Stolen From Unlocked Cars In Greene TownshipState Police encourage homeowners to lock all doors on cars, houses, garages and more because of recent items stolen in Greene Township.
Home Ownership Preservation FoundationMillions of homeowners are struggling with loans they cannot afford, and that makes them vulnerable targets for scammers looking to profit off their troubles.
Police Warn Residents About Roofer ScamPolice in Westmoreland County are warning residents about a scam. Officers say a man is going door-to-door claiming he is there to inspect the roof.