Astronauts Bake Batch Of Chocolate Chip Cookies In SpaceThe first batch of chocolate chip cookies baked in space was made inside a zero-gravity oven.
Astronaut Casts Pa. Absentee Ballot From SpaceAn election official in western Pennsylvania didn't think anything of the absentee ballot application until he saw the out-of-this-world voting location.
For The Second Night In A Row, The International Space Station Will Be Visible In PittsburghLook to the sky tonight, Pittsburgh! The International Space Station will be visible once again.
International Space Station Visible Tonight Over Western PennsylvaniaThe International Space Station will be visible in the Western Pennsylvania sky tonight.
Local Astronaut Takes Terrible Towel To International Space StationNo matter where Pittsburghers go, the Terrible Towel follows and that even includes space.
Dreamed Of Going To Space? NASA Opening International Space Station To Private MissionsFor grownups who dreamed as kids of becoming astronauts -- but who didn't quite make it past space camp -- you may have another chance.
NASA Astronaut With Ties To Pittsburgh Area To Spend 9 Months At International Space StationOn the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, a NASA astronaut with ties to western Pennsylvania will blast off into space.
NASA Brings 'Destination Station' Exhibit To Carnegie Science CenterNASA has landed in Pittsburgh this week with a special exhibit at the Carnegie Science Center.
Booster Rocket Failure Prompts Emergency Landing, 2 Astronauts In Good ConditionNASA says that two astronauts from the U.S. and Russia are in good condition after an emergency landing following a booster rocket failure minutes after the launch.
SpaceX Launches AI Robot, Strong Coffee For Space Station CrewA SpaceX rocket that flew just two months ago with a NASA satellite is back in action, launching with fresh supplies for the International Space Station crew.
Space Delivery: Astronauts Get Ice Cream, Make-Own PizzasAstronauts are getting a mouth-watering haul with the latest Earth-to-space delivery - pizza and ice cream.