Pennsylvania Certifies 2020 Election Results, Awarding 20 Electoral Votes To Joe BidenPennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has signed a certificate of ascertainment to show the slate of electors for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.
Pa. Senator Pat Toomey Says President Trump Has 'Exhausted All Plausible Legal Options'Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey called on President Trump to accept the results of the election and begin the transition process for President-Elect Joe Biden.
Breaking Barriers: Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris Becomes First Female To Hold The OfficeVice President-Elect Kamala Harris will become the first woman to hold the office.
Joe Biden And Kamala Harris To Spend Nov. 2 In PennsylvaniaJoe Biden and Kamala Harris will spend November 2 in "all four corners" of Pennsylvania.
Pete Buttigieg Warns U.S. Facing 'Crisis' In New Book, 'Trust': Confidence In Country At 'Emergency Levels'"The former presidential candidate discusses the 2020 Presidential Election, what a Joe Biden administration would look like and his new Simon & Schuster audiobook "Trust."
The Blue-Collar Vote Could Be The Key To Winning PennsylvaniaWith two weeks until Election Day, experts believe the key to winning Pennsylvania lies with the working-class vote.
Candidates In Vice Presidential Debate Get Some Advice From Their SurrogatesThe one -- and only -- vice presidential debate is Wednesday evening in Salt Lake City.
Volunteers With Biden-Harris Campaign Distribute Signs In The AreaIn Pittsburgh, the Biden-Harris campaign continued to put out signage on Sunday.
Police Investigate Cases Of Biden-Harris Campaign Signs Being Vandalized, Supporters' Houses EggedSome Westmoreland County supporters of Joe Biden's presidential campaign are finding their houses egged and campaign signs stolen, according to residents and police.
Local Politicians React To President Trump's Acceptance Speech On Social MediaLocal politicians were active on social media Thursday night during President Trump's RNC acceptance speech.
Around The Table: Local Leaders Weigh In On Impact Of Joe Biden Selecting Sen. Kamala Harris As Running MateJoe Biden's decision to pick Senator Kamala Harris makes history but will it help him win the White House in November?