KDKA Investigates: City Director is MIA; Mayor Says He's Selling PittsburghHe's a city director and he makes $111,000 dollars a year, but according to absence forms, Santiago Garces has been out of the office -- and apparently out of town -- on 75 working days in the past 12 months.
KDKA Investigates: Siding Is Melting Off Nearly 50 Homes In South FayetteSomething is melting in South Fayette and it's not the snow.
KDKA Investigates: Does Judge Mark Tranquilli's Record Reflect Racial Bias?Judge Mark Tranquilli was re-assigned for allegedly making racist comments in a closed-door conference. But does his record reflect a racial bias?
KDKA Investigates Gets Action: Auditor General Report Calls Superintendent Hamlet's Travel 'Inexcusable'After KDKA exposed the now-infamous Cuba trip and detailed dozens of other out-of-state and out-of-the-country trips taken by Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Anthony Hamlet during his brief tenure, the state auditor general initiated an inquiry of his own.
KDKA Sources: Board Report Finds Superintendent Hamlet's Cuba Trip Violates PolicyFor four hours last night, the Pittsburgh School Board heard findings behind closed doors about an investigation into Superintendent Anthony Hamlet.
KDKA Investigates: Past Statements Of DA Candidate Raise EyebrowsLisa Middleman is running for district attorney as a criminal justice reformer, aiming to make the system fairer and more hospitable to the poor and minorities.
KDKA Investigates: 28 Percent Of Pittsburgh Surveillance Cameras Not WorkingSurveillance cameras have proved invaluable to law enforcement across the country.
KDKA Investigates: Delays Plague City's Major Development ProjectsThree major development sites in the Pittsburgh area have been plagued by slow development.
City Shelling Out Over $1 Million A Month In Firefighter OvertimeThey're the city's top earners - police officers, paramedics and firefighters - and by working long hours of overtime, they're making more than the mayor and any chief or department head.