Indiana County Family Feels Betrayed By Sears Warranty Program After Furnace BreaksA Saltsburg family told KDKA it’s been without heat since mid-December and feels betrayed by a Sears warranty program.
Grand Jury Expected To Soon Recommend Filing Of Homicide Charges In Case Of Rachael DelTondoThere is a possible breakthrough in the nearly three-year-old unsolved murder mystery of 33-year-old Rachael DelTondo.
Washington Co. Mother Demands Answers And Dental Records After All About Smiles ClosesOne Washington County mom wants answers from All About Smiles regarding her 19-year-old son.
KDKA Investigates: New Federal Rule Designed To End Hospital 'Sticker Shock'It's called "Healthcare Transparency" and it's a new rule to keep patients from being surprised by medical bills.
KDKA Investigates: Some Retailers Are Taxing 5-Hour Energy, Even Though It's Against Pennsylvania LawIt's the law in Pennsylvania that dietary supplements can't be taxed, but a KDKA Investigation found out some receipts say otherwise.
KDKA Investigates: Local Restaurants Question Grubhub Fees During The PandemicOver the past few days, lawmakers in several cities across the country voted to cap food-delivery app fees during the remainder of the pandemic.
KDKA Investigates: Upset Families Call On North Hills Senior Living Home To Share Updated Coronavirus NumbersFamilies in the midst of making funeral arrangements are now demanding answers from a North Hills senior living facility along Babcock Boulevard called Grace Manor at North Park.
KDKA Investigates: State Criticized For Inaction As Nursing Home Death Toll MountsOver the course of this pandemic, nursing homes and long-term care facilities have become deadly contagions and increasingly the state health department is being called to task for inaction as the death toll continues to climb.
KDKA Investigates: Investigation Into PPS Supt. Anthony Hamlet's Unauthorized Cuba Trip Cost Over $100KThe Pittsburgh Public Schools board ordered an independent investigation into Superintendent Anthony Hamlet's unauthorized trip to Cuba.
KDKA Investigates: City Director is MIA; Mayor Says He's Selling PittsburghHe's a city director and he makes $111,000 dollars a year, but according to absence forms, Santiago Garces has been out of the office -- and apparently out of town -- on 75 working days in the past 12 months.
KDKA Investigates: Siding Is Melting Off Nearly 50 Homes In South FayetteSomething is melting in South Fayette and it's not the snow.