Pittsburgh Weather: Rain Chances, Ida's Remnants On The WayA cool front will slide through today with a couple of chances for some rain.
Pittsburgh Weather: More Heat, Humidity With A Cooldown On The WayHot and humid weather continues today.
Hey Ray! Why Flames Don't Cast ShadowsShadows are pretty much an everyday or every night occurrence. Since light travels in a straight line, when something gets in the way of that path, it creates an absence of light, or a shadow.
Pittsburgh Weather: Hot, Humid Conditions ContinueYou guessed it. It's going to be another warm and humid day ahead and then again tomorrow.
Pittsburgh Weather: Heat, Humidity To Continue TuesdayThe heat is just getting started and we are staying above average all week long!
Pittsburgh Weather: Muggy Monday With Hot, Humid ConditionsIt's going to be ahot start to the work week and a foggy start to the morning at the bus stop and your morning commute.
Pittsburgh Weather: Hot, Sunny SundayWe are turning up the heat up again for today and humidity is on the rise.
Hey Ray! How MRI's WorkHave you ever had to get an MRI?  That is the loud machine with a very powerful magnet that can make images of the inside of your body.
Pittsburgh Weather: Warm-Up On The WayWe are waking up to mild and muggy conditions along with a little bit of patchy fog.
Pittsburgh Weather: More Rain Tuesday, Remnants Of Tropical Storm Fred To Arrive SoonMore rain is expected throughout the Pittsburgh area with a day similar to yesterday.
Pittsburgh Weather: Wet Start To The WeekI hope you enjoyed a mainly dry weekend with rain chances spiking again today.
Pittsburgh Weather: Cooler, Cloudy SundayYesterday was beautiful and today will be similar except more clouds and a little cooler.
Pittsburgh Weather: The Calm After The StormsToday we finally get some relief from the heat and humidity along with the rain as a cold front finally crosses the region.
Pittsburgh Weather: Chances Of Severe Weather, ThunderstormsRain and storm chances are back today. The area is under a marginal risk of severe weather with strong straight line wind being the main concern for us.
Pittsburgh Weather: Hot, Humid Conditions, Dry Stretch Of Weather ContinuesSince July 18th, Pittsburgh’s airport has reported ‘just’ 0.5” of rain. This is the driest stretch at the airport in more than 90 years.