Kidsburgh: Several Groups Offering Summer Educational Opportunities After Coronavirus Forces Students Out Of ClassroomsMany people expected that the change to remote learning because of the coronavirus pandemic would be sub-par, but preliminary numbers are showing that learning declined dramatically.
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Kidsburgh: 'Songs For Seniors' Lifting The Spirits Of High School Seniors And Senior CitizensOlder people living in senior centers are among the most affected in this pandemic, but some local high school performers are lifting their spirits with a program called “Songs for Seniors.”
Kidsburgh: With Coronavirus Closing Pools And Canceling Summer Camps, Parenting Expert Says It's Time To Get CreativePools, spray parks, camps — all part of many kids’ ideas of a great summer. And while some places hope to open later this summer, many will be closed.
Kidsburgh: Summer Camps Go Virtual During Coronavirus PandemicParents are getting emails about summer camps that are cancelled are postponed, but some are moving online.
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Kidsburgh: Pittsburgh Charity Gives Communication Devices To Kids With Autism Who Left Theirs At SchoolKids left their schools in March without their books and whatever was in their lockers, thinking they would be back in a couple weeks. But some kids also had to leave their voice.
Kidsburgh: Experts Say Child Abuse Numbers Are Likely Higher Than Normal During Coronavirus OutbreakThis pandemic can be an especially difficult time for families who are juggling kids home from school while also working from home or even worse, home because they lost their job.
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Kristine Sorensen Vlog: Day 9 At Home From Work And SchoolI am working and reporting from home on what it’s like with the kids home from school, and I’ve seen how creative people are getting with ways to keep kids and families active.
Kristine Sorensen Vlog: Day 7 At Home From Work And SchoolBecause of the spread of coronavirus, I am working from home and reporting on what it’s like for families with kids home from school, and I know many parents are also working from home at the same time.