Police Shoot, Fatally Wound Fayette Co. Magistrate’s Office Shooting SuspectPolice have responded to a shooting at a magistrate’s office in Fayette County.
Officers Hailed 'Heroes' For Stopping Gunman At Fayette Co. Magistrate's OfficeThe quick actions of four police officers helped to stop a gunman who opened fire at a magistrate’s office in Fayette County.
'I Ran Over To Him': Witness Helps Injured Police Officer During Shooting At Magistrate’s OfficeOne man who witnessed the shooting at a Fayette County magistrate’s office on Wednesday afternoon described a chaotic scene during the incident and running to the side of an injured police officer.
Masontown Homicide Suspect Walks To Police Station, Surrenders Just After ShootingA Fayette County man has turned himself in and is being charged with murder.
Fayette Co. Elementary School Warns Parents About Clown SightingsAn elementary school in Fayette County is alert parents to several clown sightings in Masontown and the surrounding area.
Local Sports Apparel Company Produces NFL Draft JerseysA local sports apparel company is involved in one of America's time-honored traditions: the NFL Draft.
Fake Bomb Built By Kids Playing War Games Draws PoliceIt certainly caused a scare for people living at Fort Mason Village in Masontown, Fayette County.
Police Search For Person Of Interest After Masontown Homes RobbedMasontown home invasions terrified the residents as the suspects pistol whipped their victims before escaping.
Crews Implode Masontown Bridge If you want to get from Fayette County to Greene County, don’t count on the Masontown Bridge anymore.
PNC To Close More Local BranchesSigns saying local PNC branch banks are closing will be more common as Pittsburgh-based PNC moves to close at least 200 branches in the many states it serves.
ATV Drivers Almost Run Down Local Police ChiefA local police officer was almost hit by an ATV and he says it was no accident.