Reports: Rose Family Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit Settled For $2MThe federal civil rights case between the family of Antwon Rose II, the borough of East Pittsburgh and former officer Michael Rosfeld was reportedly settled for $2 million.
Public Debate Begins On Possibility Of Allegheny County Establishing Police Review BoardIt was an emotional, impassioned night as the County Council and citizens debated potentially establishing a county police review board.
Following Death Of Antwon Rose II, State Democrats Propose Changes To Police Use Of Deadly ForceA group of Democratic lawmakers is proposing to change the state law on the use of deadly force in order to prevent an officer from shooting at suspected felons who are running away.
'I Got A Long Fight Ahead Of Me': Antwon Rose's Mother Says 'It's Not Over' Following Michael Rosfeld's AcquittalAt a vigil in Rankin on Sunday, Antwon Rose's mother said "it's not over" for her after Michael Rosfeld was acquitted in the shooting death of her son.
Antwon Rose’s Mother Instructs Protestors To Stand Down During Michael Rosfeld’s TrialAntwon Rose's mother Michelle Kenney told KDKA that she is asking protestors not to demonstrate during the trial of Michael Rosfeld so the focus can remain on the trial itself.
'It's So Hard To Believe Someone In A Blue Uniform Took My Son's Life': Antwon Rose's Mother Still In Disbelief Over Son's DeathMichelle Kenney, Antwon Rose's mother, is still in disbelief nearly three months after an East Pittsburgh Police officer shot and killed her son.