Cletus Lee Elected First Black Mayor Of North BraddockThe borough of North Braddock elected its first Black mayor on Tuesday.
30-Year-Old Man Killed In Late-Night Shooting In North BraddockOne man was killed in a late-night shooting in North Braddock.
12-Year-Old Boy Struck By Vehicle In North BraddockA boy was hospitalized after he was struck by a vehicle in North Braddock.
Local Groups Join Up To Open Playground In North BraddockKids in North Braddock's third ward finally have a playground of their own. 
Man Found Shot Alongside Road In North Braddock DiesA man who was found shot alongside a road in North Braddock was taken to the hospital in critical condition.
Unclaimed Dumpster In North Braddock Has Woman Demanding AnswersIn North Braddock, neighbors have had enough.
Resident In Mon Valley Tired Of Seeing Dilapidated HousesNeighbors in the Mon Valley are tired of seeing dilapidated housing in their neighborhoods.
2 Allegheny County Restaurants Hit With Consumer AlertsThe Allegheny County Health Department has given two restaurants consumer alerts.
Man Charged After Another Man Killed In Overnight Shooting In North BraddockOne person has been killed in a shooting overnight in North Braddock.
Cletus Lee, North Braddock Mayoral Nominee Charged With Assault, Says Campaign Will Continue For the first time since his arrest, North Braddock’s Democratic candidate for mayor was back before the borough council.
North Braddock Mayoral Nominee Cletus Lee Charged With AssaultThe Democratic candidate for mayor in North Braddock was arrested and charged over a fight.