Steelers’ Fans Flock To Heinz Field, Leave Happy With Home Opener WinThe first home game of the regular season brought thousands of Steelers’ fans to the North Shore on Sunday afternoon.
Steelers Home Opener Will Test North Shore ConnectorSunday's Steelers game and the Pitt game on Saturday will be two big tests for the North Shore Connector.
'No Major Issues' For North Shore 'T' ServiceThe Steeler first preseason game is now in the books and the learning curve rolls on. Not the learning curve for the guys in black and gold, this is the learning curve for fans trying to get to the game.
Heinz Field Concert Tests North Shore ConnectorThe Kenny Chesney-Tim McGraw concert at Heinz Field on Saturday proved to be a test for the Port Authority’s North Shore Connector. “It was larger than a sellout Pirates game type of event, so we were a little bit cautious going in,” Port Authority spokesman Jim Ritchie said.
'T' Riders Complain About North Side Station's EscalatorRiders are complaining about broken escalators at one of the Port Authority’s new T stations. Most of the escalator problems have been happening at the North Side station.
Port Authority CEO Says North Shore Connector Is Exceeding ExpectationsCrammed trains and long waits - not everything has been perfect since the North Shore Connector opened back in March. Still, Port Authority CEO Steve Bland called it "an unqualified success" when he was in KDKA-TV’s studio for this week's taping of the KD/PG Sunday Edition.
Port Authority Taking Steps Towards Improving Trolley ServiceIt is a busy weekend in Pittsburgh, which means increased traffic. Officials are hoping to avoid a repeat of last weekend when trolley riders were stranded or forced to board packed trains.
Port Authority Apologizes For T Trouble It should have been a weekend to show off the new, half billion dollar North Shore Connector and the convenience of our subway system, but it turned out to be a PR nightmare for the Port Authority.
Pedestrian Bridge Planned For North ShoreNow that the North Shore Connector is open, PennDOT is scrambling to get a project designed to build a pedestrian walkway so people arriving for major events won't have to fight traffic to get to Heinz Field.
Free and Affordable Pittsburgh for 4/6: Festivals, Fun and Freebies!Things sometimes slow down a bit on holiday weekends, but don't fret! We still have plenty for your plate this weekend! First, there's a festival celebrating the eco, art & tech industries, a community night full of affordable fun, and free rides that could also save you money Learn a bit more about each of the things mentioned on this week’s show!
North Shore Connector Brings Down Parking RatesIt sure didn't take people long to discover the North Shore Connector of the Port Authority T System.