Baby Raccoon Stuck In Sewer Cover Freed By FirefightersFirefighters in Michigan rescued a baby raccoon Tuesday after it got its head stuck in a sewer cover.
Scientists Say They Have Proof Of Whales Singing Near New York CityNow, for the first time, scientists have proof of humpbacks singing in the NYC area, not just in their Caribbean breeding grounds.
Freediver Finds Lost Engagement Ring At The Bottom Of England's Largest LakeForget finding a needle in a haystack, how about finding an engagement ring at the bottom of England's largest lake?
Alaska Man Survives Near-Deadly Encounter With Brown Bear That Bit His HeadAn Alaska man was able to bind up his wounds and call 911 after being mauled by a brown bear that bit him multiple times on the head.
Georgia Woman Shocked To Find At Least 100,000 Bees In Her Home -- For The Second TimeA Georgia woman was shocked to find a swarm of at least 100,000 bees living in her house -- for the second time.
Turtle Crashes Through Car's Windshield, Sending 71-Year-Old Woman To The HospitalA turtle crashed through a car's windshield and sent a 71-year-old woman to the hospital in Florida.
Man Tops Off Helicopter Proposal With Five Engagement RingsPicking out the perfect engagement ring can be a lot of pressure for someone preparing to propose. A man in Atlanta seemed to have a solution -- just propose with five rings.
Stray Dog Gets To Keep Stuffed Unicorn Toy After 'Consistently' Stealing It From Dollar General StoreThe cutest thief was rewarded after he continued to steal a purple unicorn from a Dollar General.
Salvation Army Receives Hundreds Of Knitted Hats From 96-Year-Old World War II VeteranTom Cornish, a 96-year-old World War II veteran, continues to serve his country decades later by knitting and donating hundreds of hats to the Salvation Army.
'All Star' Blood Donor Honored For Giving 120 Gallons Over His LifetimeMarcos Perez has been regularly giving blood for over 37 years and is being recognized for his life-saving donations.
Pennsylvania Teen Offered Over $1 Million In Scholarships After Applying To CollegesAfter applying to more than 20 colleges, one high school senior from Philadelphia has been offered a total of over $1 million in scholarship money.