Parkway East And Boulevard Of The Allies Inbound Ramp Closures Coming This WeekendClosures will impact inbound on the Parkway East and inbound on the Boulevard of the Allies this weekend.
Parkway East Overnight Lane Restrictions Continue Next WeekParts of the Parkway East in both directions will be down to one lane overnight starting August 5.
Lane Closures Coming To I-376 Parkway EastRolling lane closures are coming to I-376 Parkway East.
PennDOT Reopens Parkway East Bathtub After Severe FloodingPennDOT has reopened the Bathtub section of the Parkway East in downtown Pittsburgh after severe flooding.
Parkway East Overnight Lane Restrictions Planned For This WeekMedian repair and drainage improvements will be taking place on the Parkway East this week, restricting it to one lane overnight.
PennDOT: 'Starting Tonight, Traffic Is Going To Be Very Difficult Getting Outbound'The Parkway East will be closed all weekend and PennDOT is suggesting you avoid the detour route.
Inbound Restriction, Outbound I-376 Parkway East Weekend Closure AnnouncedSignificant delays should be expected due to the full closure of the outbound Parkway East taking place June 28-July 1.
Parkway East Overnight Lane Restrictions Starting TodayOvernight lane restrictions on Parkway East will start tonight and stretch on through Thursday.
Another Weekend Closure On Parkway EastIt could be a traffic nightmare for drivers this weekend.
"All We Want Is A Fair Shot": City Says Group's Efforts To Save 'Our Lady Of The Parkway' Statue Could BackfireAs a steelworker from South Oakland was walking home from work in 1956, he claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary.
PennDOT To Close Part Of The Parkway East For ConstructionA big closure is on the way for the Parkway East.