Website Helps Match Families With Unclaimed Military Decorations, Bank Accounts, Stocks And MoreA new website has launched in Pennsylvania to help families get matched with what may belong to them already.
Pa. Treasury Looking To Reunite Dozens With Purple Heart Medals, PinsToday is Purple Heart Day and the Pennsylvania Treasury is looking to return dozens of Purple Heart medals and pins to their rightful owners.
Billions In Unclaimed Property Await Your Claim In Pa. Treasurer's OfficeThe state recovers millions in unclaimed property every year. Here's how you can check to see if any of it belongs to you.
Pennsylvania Gets 2nd Treasury Loan To Make Payments On TimeThe Pennsylvania Treasury is extending a five-day, $700 million credit line to tide over the state government's deficit-ridden finances.
Thousands Of Pennsylvanians Have Unclaimed Money Owed To ThemIn an insert in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the state Treasurer has listed all residents in Allegheny County for whom the state holds at least $250 in unclaimed property.
Unclaimed Property 2012Another $200 million has arrived in Harrisburg since April 15. And it’s forgotten money just waiting to be found.
How To Claim Your Unclaimed Property In 2012A new computer later, with money in the bank to help him open his own law firm, Camson finds it hard to believe people aren't crashing the website or calling Harrisburg looking for money.
More Unclaimed Property Available Through State TreasuryViewers have claimed more than $1 million since KDKA-TV’s report on Pennsylvania’s Unclaimed Property Office. Now, the state has a whole new batch of money and some of it could be yours!
More Tips On Claiming Your Unclaimed PropertyBy the thousands, you and your neighbors have been online and on the phone today calling the Pennsylvania Department of Treasury saying "show me the money,” and a dent has been put into that pot of $1.6 billion of unclaimed money.
How To Claim Your Unclaimed Property