Pitt Says Social Distancing No Longer Required, Fully Vaccinated Individuals Don't Have To Wear Masks OutdoorsThe University of Pittsburgh says that starting on June 7, they are changing their rules about face coverings and distancing.
Pitt Senate Council Proposes Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations For StudentsThe Pitt Senate Council could ask the university to make COVID-19 vaccines mandatory for the fall.
Pitt Researchers Say Ear Tubes May Not Be The Best Way To Treat Chronic Ear InfectionsParker Womeldorff had ear tubes placed because of recurrent ear infections.
Pitt Sees Decrease In New COVID-19 Cases, Urges Students To Still Shelter In Place For Return HomeNew COVID-19 cases at the University of Pittsburgh's Oakland campus continue to fall.
University Of Pittsburgh Police Seek Out Suspect In Overnight Attempted BurglaryUniversity of Pittsburgh Police are looking for a suspect who unsuccessfully attempted to break in to a resident's home overnight.
Pitt Alumna Vjosa Osmani-Sadriu Elected President Of KosovoLawmakers in Kosovo elected and swore in a new president Sunday for a five-year term, the Balkan nation’s second female leader in the post-war period.
Pitt’s Blue-Gold Spring Game Pushed Back After Week-Long Practice PauseThe Pitt Department of Athletics has postponed the date for Pitt’s Blue-Gold Spring Game presented by PNC Bank.
Scientists At Pitt's Center For Vaccine Research Working On Protection Against COVID-19 VariantsInside a secure lab in Pittsburgh sit nearly two dozen scientists. They’re researching the latest variants of COVID-19.
Pitt Sees Another COVID-19 Spike With 51 Students Testing Positive For The Virus, 92 Students Currently In IsolationPitt is reporting another big increase in COVID-19 cases.
Pitt Mourns The Loss Of Former Dean Of School Of Social Work Larry E. DavisThe University of Pittsburgh is mourning the loss of its former dean of the School of Social Work.
Pitt Limits Spring Sports Attendance To Families And 'Select Guests'Pitt's spring sports attendance will be limited to the families of athletes and staff, as well as "select guests" for the rest of the season.